Bafokeng Communities against their chief’s preference to govern them through the Courts

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BLBA is pursuing a case in the North West High Court against the Status and Authority of Bafokeng chief Leruo; his bogus Councils; and some Headmen to sell Platinum Stars Football Club, and against the chief’s current attempt to remove Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform as Trustee in land claimed by a number of Bafokeng communities.

The Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in June 2018 against the chief’s unauthorized attempt to transfer and register disputed land in RBN names. Individual communities forming the Bafokeng ‘tribe’ claim it was they as independent village clans who in the mid 19th century bought farmlands on which they each reside, and that the farms were not tribally purchased as claimed by the chief.

In terms of Section 32(b) of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act 2 of 2005, the Bafokeng chief Leruo must personally payback the money he spent in the past ten years on legal fees incurred in his failed attempt to have the land transferred and registered in the RBN name without affected communities’ consent.

The Premier, the Auditor General and Bafokeng communities ought to know how much money has the Bafokeng chief Leruo wasted on the above failed attempt to transfer and register land in RBN names.

It is estimated that Leruo spent no less than R10m on both his lawyers’ and opponents’ fees, monies that should not have been wasted, had the chief observed and taken advice on the historical Tswana custom on consultation and consensus seeking, instead of his dictatorial cowboy style of governing the Bafokeng through the Courts.

The captured chief and a gang of advisors wishing to maintain a corrupt oppressive stronghold on Bafokeng assets to the exclusion of Bafokeng founders (original Bafokeng-land buyers) should not see the light of day, and should be condemned by all with the contempt it deserves.

Such persistent delinquent conduct by the chief and his ilk is sufficient enough to remove them from office.

The Premier is duty bound to ensure that Traditional communities are not captured, exploited and held to randsome by despotic askari chiefs willing to sell their souls and their people to exploitative monopoly capitalists, and in the South African context, to the brutal white monopoly capital.


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