Bafokeng communities resolve to remove their chief

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At a general meeting held on the 16 June 2018 at Tsitsing Village, Bafokeng Land Buyers’ Association resolved to initiate a process to remove Leruo Tshekedi Molotlegi from office as chief of the so-called Royal Bafokeng Nation.

The meeting, which was preceded by a march demonstration through the village, was in commemoration of the 1976 June 16 student revolts against the apartheid school curriculum.

Communities expressed great appreciation to Thato Magogodi and the Revolutionary Council in the North West Province for their selfless courageous effort to rid the Province of its heartless corrupt leaders. Communities warned that the raging anger within mine-hosting communities in the Bojanala Platinum District would make the recent Mahikeng burning revolts look like a small sunday picnic.

The communities pledge their support to the urgent dissolution of the ANC NW Provincial Executive Committee under whose leadership the provincial administration collapsed with alarming corrupt practices.

The communities noted that the former Premier and his Executives both in the Provincial Administration and in the ANC, have vested malicious and corrupt interest in the administration of traditional communities in the Province. The Province is highly endowed with minerals. Over 50% of world platinum is produced in the province.

The communities are further dismayed that since the dawn of democracy, and contrary to the spirit of the June 16 student revolt, hereditary chiefs in traditional communities, conferred with unfettered powers to do as they please with communal assets, allow themselves to be used as pawns for political and economic graft.

The communities are concerned that much as corruption in traditional communities within the Bakgatla and Bapo ‘tribes’ has been topical subjects in the media, the blue-eyed boy and darling of corrupt politicians and business, the Bafokeng chief, has by some magic escaped the radar of judicial reprimand and Parliament in this country.

The communities are adamant that the captured Bafokeng chief and ANC leaders cannot be trusted with spearheading the ongoing ‘Marxist’ land reform process. The corrupt and ruthless capitalist leaders, ‘dinwamadi’ as Magogogi calls them, will sell the land to the highest bidder. ‘We need thought leaders and for organisations such as the BLBA to be in the forefront of debates around this question’, Magogodi said.

The communities are enraged by the autocratic and arrogant conduct of the Bafokeng chief to corporatize communal assets without community consent. The collapse and sale of Platinum Stars Football Club is a sour case in point, which shows how communal assets and monies are siphoned off under the pretext of corporatization.

Worse still, full benches in the North West Appeal Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein dismissed the chief’s costly and reckless attempt to have 61 farms around Rustenburg registered in his name without proper (community) authorisation.

The communities contend that the Bafokeng as a ‘tribe’ is a colonial-apartheid construct, and that the farms, currently held by the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, must rightfully be transferred and registered in their village names. The communities contend that it is them as individual villages forming the Bafokeng ‘tribe’, that bought the farms independently of the small Bafokeng clan and its chief. Having purchased the farms in mid 19th century from the struggling boers, the then independent landowning villages were forced by the British-Boer pact in around 1881 to subject themselves to the Bafokeng ‘chieftaincy’.

It is clear that the captured autocratic chief sought unfettered ownership of the land for his self-economic interest, and for the benefit of irresponsible and unaccountable mining companies.

It is as a result among others that the communities will approach the Royal Family to remove the arrogant captured chief from office with immediate effect, and to identify a suitably qualified Administrator.

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