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BLBA held a highly successful and spirited general meeting at Mogono Community Hall in August 2015. Bafokeng Communities attended in numbers to prepare for their upcoming February 01st 2016 trial hearing against ‘their’ intransigent RBN chief. Communities reaffirmed that the chief was being irresponsible fighting a loosing battle against his own people. Communities are adamant the Bafokeng chief is extravagantly wasteful spending millions of ‘our’ tribal funds on terrible legal advice.

To test their support for the upcoming trial hearing, the RBN embarked on a strategic road drive in mid October 20015, holding regional gatherings within the Bafokeng communities on a proposed new Bafokeng Land Policy. The proposed Policy seeks to urbanise the Bafokeng land. The proposal seeks further to privatise land by registering title deeds over communities’ household stands; and by registering bonds over designated land for mine housing schemes (hostels or flats).

All the five Bafokeng regions went on to reject, with overwhelming disgust, the RBN’s proposed Land Policy.

Sources has it that RBN is working hard behind the scenes luring their elderly potential opponents from its various communities, as their potential witnesses at the upcoming trial hearing. Some of the elderly already interviewed by the RBN feel threatened and scared for their lives for speaking the truth against the RBN case.

Clearly the Bafokeng chief remain ill advised to pursue the court matter. Popular opinion among the Bafokeng elderly suggest that whether he wins or fails, the chief only stands to gain more contempt from the Bafokeng communities. And his clandestine actions in preparing for the trial can only make matters worse for him.

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