Remember the Sharpville Massacre, 21 March 1960?

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What links the struggles of Bafokeng communities to the Sharpville Massacre of 21 March 1960? How is the Sharpville Massacre, which left more 69 people dead, linked to the Marikana Massacre? What is the relevance of the Human Rights Day celebrations to a people, freedom struggle, and the Sharpville Massacre? These are the questions community of Chaneng next to Sun City, will be attempting to answer today at the workshop organised by Chaneng Youth Organisation. The workshop will start at 10am at Chaneng Primary School, with a soccer tournament later in the afternoon.

Bafokeng Land Buyers’ Association will be commemorating the Human Rights Month next weekend at Maile Village. The event was originally planned for Thethe High School, but due to violent protest marches that took place early this month at Mogono, it was decided to move the venue to Maile.

The communities of Mogono, Ratshewene and Ralesobesobe went on a rampage in the first week of March, demanding that Impala close its operations they have around their land. A guardhouse was burnt down, and workers turned back.

BLBA holds a view that for as long as the question of land is not fully and properly addressed, South Africans are still not free. Highly sophisticated colonial-apartheid oppressive systems are very much alive, more particularly in poor rural mining communities.

It is not far fetched, without land there is no freedom, there is Marikana everyday around Bafokeng communities, and there is no reason for human rights celebrations!

BLBA poses a question on this day, in remembrance and honour of Bantu Biko, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Sankara, Lumumba, James Mogono, Setlhage Rapoo, Stuurman Mekgwe, Ramontsheng Khunou, Modisakeng Petlele, how would South Africa be like today, 20 years into ‘democracy’, had the question of land been first on the South African revolutionary programme?

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