‘O nyala leng?’ questions as Luka community is once more tricked and tamed with job promises

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A number of people had raised concerns about Luka 13 meeting Leruo Molotlegi, chief of the Royal Bafokeng Nation on Tuesday the 13th March 2012. People felt that the Luka 13 were being silenced with easy promises before the annual Dumela Phokeng meeting that was held at Thethe High School this past Sunday 18-03-2012. It is reported that an agreement had been reached in the Tuesday meeting for Leruo to secure a number of jobs for the Luka youth with the local Impala Platinum mine.

‘It is this master stroke that paved an easy way out for Leruo at the Dumela Phokeng meeting. As if nothing happened in Luka village when the 13 were arrested and detained for a week, Leruo came out scot free at the Dumela Phokeng meeting with frivolous questions like “o nyala leng?” (when are you getting married?)’, complained one Luka community elder.

In the meantime the same Luka 13 will face the Magistrate on the 11 April 2012 for public violence caused mainly by the past indifference Leruo had shown against the general community of Luka.  

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