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Truly a people that do not learn from their errors are surely doomed to repeat the same.  The wisdom of the past still rings true to this day. Though decried and not technically savvy or “civilized” as some of our mis-educated intellectuals today, our forebears were able to conceptualize immortality and eternity in the face of changing “truths”.
Motsogapele o rile: Bopelonomi bo bolaile Mmamasilanoka. Phokoje e sola bowa mokgwa ga e o latlhe. What does these supposedly obsolete proverbs in the age of cretinism have to do with anything?
1. Our kindness has metamorphosized into love for our deceivers and hatred for self and kind.  2. The deceiver’s mission has not changed and his skillfully masqueraded modus operandi continues.
It was the deceiver’s intention to rob you of your being and possessions from the moment of first contact to this day. The deceiver led many to believe that a state of defeat is blissful and rewarding, whilst he defrauded you of your wealth.  Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth declares the sacred writ. One who has knowledge of self will quickly notice that this saying is against the natural law of survival and self preservation. Meekness denotes one who is weak, docile, compliant, spiritless, defeated etc. This is psychological weapon of war designed for perpetual self defeat.
Many of our ‘indigenous’ people inhabit lands which are rich and replete with mineral resources that are the envy of the imperialists. Why are people therefore conditioned to a state of perpetual need and want in the midst of abundant wealth? Policies and laws governing the raping and looting of our indigenous lands are not in any way legislated for the benefit of the rightful owners but are instead extremely skewed to benefit the looters.  Inheritance has indeed become the very earth upon which one walks with no access to the true wealth of mineral resources underneath.
There are some who in the defense of the Cretins (which themselves have become) and their policies of dispossession will forsake their own. Meek and defrauded of the mineral resources of the land through a promise of inheriting the earth, what is the worth of such inheritance? Squalor and poverty.
Bodiba ba go ja ngwana wa Mmago, ere o feta ka bone o bo sikologe. Nature’s law has no respect for those who strive not to preserve self and kind. The meek indeed shall inherit the earth but never its minerals. The meek  are defeatists unworthy of any real reward. -BB

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