Leruo Molotlegi and Lucas Mangope, strange partners?!

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Batho bame’ Lucas Mangope, the former Bophuthatswana bantustan leader, employed the security services of the Potchefstroom/Ventersdorp based rightwing organisation, AWB, during the homeland’s 1994 coup d’ etat .
In the late 80’s the Bafokeng fought bitterly against ‘Leah emelela ba go bone go re o  montle jang’ Mangope who sought to expropriate their mineral wealth. ‘Bophuthatswana will be independent for the next 100yrs’ Mangope harassed and incarcerated the ‘royal’ family, and had the Bafokeng chief Lebone Molotlegi fleeing to Botswana for his safety.
It is the same Lucas ‘thosa ko thoseng’ Mangope who was recently (October 2010) honoured by the North West University Council for his ‘contribution to the development of academia’. The Council is under the leadership of the late chief Lebone Molotlegi’s successor, Leruo Molotlegi, who is the University’s Chancellor.
Susan and Zietsman are rumoured to have been employing the brutal ex- Bophuthatswana soldiers and policemen in their Bafokeng security company.
When senior members and leadership of the Bafokeng communities’ wants to consult with the chief, they first have to pass through Zietsman. Zietsman could therefore, through security checks, deny or allow important information intended for the chief. When denied, the chief never gets to know about it. In this way the chief is blindfolded and Zietsman a de-facto chief. 
The question that begs is whether the chief is aware of the puzzle and therefore aspirant of ‘ke motoroko, ke monate ka fa teng, mme o seka wa ntlampurela’ Magope. The signs are that the chief, conscious or not, is creating another bantustan.

One thought on “Leruo Molotlegi and Lucas Mangope, strange partners?!

    Anonymous said:
    15/12/2010 at 8:58 am

    Ha, ha, ha … there was no coup in Bop in 94!The awb and bob soldiers ran away from the resilient cadres of Umkhonto. Zietsman and his security members are soft teddy's … we need battle hardened policemen to root out the criminals in Phokeng. no mercy and no quater given to the ruthless criminals pestering us in Phokeng!


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