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Royal Bafokeng Nation, Anglo Platinum, and Impala Platinum are sell outs- the new economic apartheid.


We assert in our contest against the Royal Bafokeng Nation in the ongoing Mafikeng High Court Case 999/08 that our forefathers bought the land which the Bafokeng are claiming title to and on which there has been unaccountable and irresponsible mining by Anglo Platinum, Impala Platinum and Xstrata mining companies.
We submit that the three mining companies, including others, are colluding with the South African National Government and the Royal Bafokeng Nation to rape the land of our forefathers, in the process maiming and suppressing dissenting voices against the injustices they perpetrate.
The poverty stricken communities of the Bafokeng Nation and the surrounding mine settlements live in abhorrent conditions mainly as a result of the mining operations. Besides our claims to our ancestral land, the Bafokeng communities are on a daily basis subjected to gross human, environmental and economic rights violations at the hands of these mining companies, the Royal Bafokeng Nation and the South African Government.
To protect their malicious interests, these perpetrators condone the formation and use of covert security companies, led by Zietsman (ex-Koevoet operative) and ex-soldiers of the former apartheid government’s covert military operations.
Our hard fought struggle for a Constitutional State have now sucked up to the exploitative, bloodsucking, neo-colonialist, multinational mining conglomerates.
So much for our liberation! So much for our Constitution! So much for our fallen heroes! So much for the freedom generation, our children, our future!

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