Land, Mineral Wealth and the Militarisation of the Bafokeng

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Thokonoko writes

“In time of universal deceit, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act”- George Owell.

Corporate dictators are puppet-king makers as our beloved lands are pillaged and poisoned. Racial tensions will rise as exploiters divide to rule as never before in their century long wars. Without access to land or equitable distribution of resources wealth, we lay the foundation for a crime ridden, debt laden society. We must ask ourselves: is this the way? Despite immeasurable wealth, kleptocracies disguised as monarchies ensure a grinding poverty for the majority. South Africa has the greatest disparity between rich and poor with the highest incidence of AIDS, on earth! This is no small co-incidence. It is the ongoing legacy of an unfettered mining industry that cares not for the well being of the many whilst enriching the few.

The militarization of the Bafokeng

Regarding the alleged irregular spending of some R86million by Nial Caroll’s brother, Council instructed that those that were found to be responsible be fired. The Chief came to their defence and ordered that the Council would have to fire him (the Chief) first!
It is reported the Bafokeng Chief bought himself a fighter helicopter worth over R96 million. It is understood that the Bafokeng Council declined the purchase of the helicopter, but the Chief came personally in the following Council meeting and put the resolution to a vote. The majority voted for the purchase. There is word going around that the Bafokeng security company has also been recruiting retired ex soldiers from the then Bophuthatswana army and SADF. The Bafokeng Chief authorised the purchase of more security vehicles, many of which has been seen roving around in increasing numbers around the peace loving communities of Bafokeng. On Monday 22nd March, a recruitment drive was carried around Luka, calling for the unemployed to register at the Bafokeng Plaza for security courses, where after graduates will be trained for crowd control!
The Bafokeng security is led by a Adolph Zietsmann, allegedly an ex Koevoet operative and the mastermind behind the ‘militirisation’ of the Bafokeng. Social activists around Bafokeng communities are worried by the threat made by the Bafokeng Chief in two separate community meetings that he (the Chief) will use force against those who shows dissent to him. Should the Bafokeng community and civil society be worried? Should the national Security and Intelligence be concerned?

3 thoughts on “Land, Mineral Wealth and the Militarisation of the Bafokeng

    Anonymous said:
    18/04/2010 at 7:29 am

    Do you think that the militarisation of the Bafokeng is linked to the need for security forces for the FIFA World Cup?


    Anonymous said:
    05/05/2010 at 10:32 am

    Why do we then hear so many good things – by the Community during Community meetings – about the Security Department … during the last Community meeting (April 2010) in the Civic Centre several attendees praised the Security Department for a job well done!


    Anonymous said:
    18/05/2010 at 2:34 pm

    We are not safe anymore in South Africa and amongst the Bafokeng Community – criminals are ruling the roost, criminals in this Country are reigning a rule of terror. Leave the BAFOKENG SECURITY alone! At least they are trying their best to safeguard all of us! Do not handle thugs such as robbers and rapists and murderers with kid gloves!


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