Tsitsing Community can administer its own land

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Three kraals/families of the Tsitsing community lay claim to Bierfontein 120JQ and Welbekend 117JQ. The families are incensed by the Mafikeng High Court order which granted (if there are no valid objections) transference and registration of the community’s farms in the name of the Royal Bafokeng Nation. The families claim to have previously stopped one project earmarked for a filling station on their land. They claim the Royal Bafokeng Nation had blessed the Project without consulting with them first on how the community was to benefit from the project.

Phillemon Khunou added that, there has been mining projects on Welbekend by Impala Platinum which the community has not been consulted on. “We want the title transferred and registered in the community name so that we are able to manage our own lands and just like those other communities like Mamerotse and Tantanana who are currently managing their own land through Communal Property Associations’. ‘We want to manage and administer our land for ourselves’, he emphasised. ‘The Bafokeng were initially afforded a fudiciary duty to administer our land for us, and not to benefit from the land and at our exclusion. The community of Tsitsing must be benefiting from their own land, and not the Bafokeng in Phokeng’, Phillemon, having been active in local politics since childhood observed that the recent ‘100 days to the 2010 World Cup’ celebrations were brought to Tsitsing Stadium during the time the Court Case was being heard in Mafikeng. ‘The community was not aware that there was a Court case going on in Mafikeng, they were brought this 100 days celebration event to distract them from seeing the real picture that their land was being transferred’, he fumed.

3 thoughts on “Tsitsing Community can administer its own land

    Anonymous said:
    05/05/2010 at 11:02 am

    If every RBN Village can administer its own land … why not give every Bafokeng member R 10 000 – 00 – then everybody is treated equally. Problem is … what will happen after the ten thousand rands have been spent by the 300 000 recipients? Then we will all be drowning in severe poverty! Let the money be managed by LEGATO … at least we are all benefitting from it and it is safe!!


    Anonymous said:
    04/06/2010 at 10:21 am

    If these was an open information to benefit the whole community, the information was not going to be shared partially for the community of Tsitsing. We are just saying the community is going to benefit , but deep down we know that the masterminds of this drama are the ones going to benifit. Example: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FIKE TRUST, CERTAIN PEOPLE GOT MORE RICHER WHILE OTHERS REMAINED POOR! LEAVE EVERYTHING TO LEGATO TO ADMINISTER, WE WERE NOT GOING TO HAVE BEAUTIFUL SCHOOLS LIKE UNIVERSITIES!!!


    Anonymous said:
    12/12/2015 at 6:34 pm

    I totally disagree with both of the speakers who say Legato must administer the land owned by certain communities, I would agree if we where all benefiting but because only few privileged surnames or families are benefiting from the wealth of the rest disadvantaged Bafokeng, where are the busses that where bought for Morafe? I guess the other speakers breads are already buttered.


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